this place has
called us home

Our Story

April 1995…Jeff Ellis drove onto Main Street and through the second of four red lights.  This was his first trip to the place I called home.  A place with one fast-food restaurant and no ATM.  Within the five blocks it took him to drive to my parent’s house on Main Street, I watched him ingest my little town, and I knew he was intrigued.  Little did he know his life would be forever changed by my sleepy hometown, Greensboro, Alabama. 

This is the place I feel most calm. The place that forces me to slow down, but that inspires me to get a move on.  The place that is more of a feeling than a spot on the map and that resonates somewhere between comfort and possibility.  This is the heart of the Black Belt and this place has called us home.

So, we are right back where I started…two kids, Park (18) and Lucy (16), and close to a dozen dogs later.  We have lived the first part of our married lives in Huntsville, Alabama.  For the second part, we are answering a calling.  A calling to get back to our roots, to reconnect with old friends, and connect with new ones.  Friends that, while I have been away, have poured blood, sweat, and tears into this town to keep its culture alive and its economy moving while sustaining local pride and growing a greater sense of community.  These folks are the “Change Makers”.  We want to jump in alongside these folks to do our part to promote all the Black Belt has to offer.   From our new (circa 1889) home on Main Street, we have found that all roads lead home, to the Black Belt.

The Black Belt & Main Story

My Daddy always says that “the Black Belt is the center of the universe”.  Not sure if that is necessarily true, but one thing is for sure, no matter where we go, there is always a great story or connection made back to home, and the stories are always full of “original characters”.

These characters were formed by hard-working folks overcoming generations of adversity.  Regardless of the small town in The Black Belt from which you hail, this is the common thread that binds us 12-21 counties (depends on which definition you read!) together.   Everyone has a unique and inspiring story that needs to be shared.

We hope that by sharing our stories, we can start an inspiring conversation and show the world our unique assets. In turn, reimagine what we could become and create opportunity for new jobs in The Black Belt area.

We are more than just another t-shirt company. We hope to be the start of bringing the world to see The Black Belt for the amazing place it is... full of culture, history and the values that our great country was founded upon.