The Black Belt
& Main Story

The Black Belt & Main Story

My Daddy always says that “the Black Belt is the center of the universe”.  Not sure if that is necessarily true, but one thing is for sure, no matter where we go, there is always a great story or connection made back to home, and the stories are always full of “original characters”.

These characters were formed by generations of hard work and simple living.  Regardless of the small town in The Black Belt from which you hail, this is the common thread that binds us 12-21 counties (depends on which definition you read!) together.   Everyone has a unique and inspiring story that needs to be shared.

We hope that by sharing our stories, we can start an inspiring conversation and show the world our unique assets. In turn, reimagine what we could become and create opportunity for new jobs in The Black Belt area.

We are more than just another t-shirt company. We hope to be the start of bringing the world to see The Black Belt for the amazing place it is... full of culture, history and the values that our great country was founded upon.