The Mural Trail

The Mural Trail Story

In June 2018, Black Belt & Main collaborated with the city of Greensboro and GABTA (Greensboro Area Business and Tourism Association), led by Steven “Buzzy” Barnette, in the installation of a beautiful mural on the corner of Main Street and Highway 69. This amazing piece of public art created by Donald Walker of Arab, Alabama (@DonaldWalker68), depicts the rich history and architecture as well as the abundant natural resources and wildlife of Greensboro. 

Murals have been used for centuries to tell stories as well as revive neighborhoods in decline. I believe by creating a Black Belt Mural Trail, we can not only tell our story while beautifying our small towns, but we can also boost the budding tourism industry to create new job opportunities and new industry.

So, is Black Belt & Main a t-shirt company that does murals or a mural company that does t-shirts?  Hopefully, ALL OF THE ABOVE! Which Black Belt town wants to be next on The Black Belt & Main Mural Trail?  Want to see YOUR TOWN highlighted on this website and on the back of a Black Belt and Main Tee (a literal walking advertisement!) potentially seen around the globe?  

Please contact us for more information and how to get started!